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Published Jul 27, 2016

Normal Emerald Nightmare..... Boxed!

Kesandrí Raid 1Officer posted Thu at 0:45

Raiding underway!

Zhudar Raid 1 Very nicely done!

What Legion means for WITB

Kesandrí Raid 1Officer posted Aug 29, 16

Yet again another new wow expansion is almost on our doorstep and yet again we find ourselves reflecting on the good and the bad of the previous.

For our guild Warlords of Draenor was a game changer, after almost 7 years of raiding we moved from our foundation of casual 10 man raiding to a larger 20 man mythic guild. We had many plans and expectations in place for WoD some of which we achieved and others we were pretty far off the mark from. Finally after what we will all agree was a very testing xpac we can now focus on the future.

In Legion our intention is to steer our guild back to our values of our 10 man days, dont panic tho! this doesnt mean we will be leaving 20 man raiding behind us. We will not be setting raiding goals and what we 'should' be achieving, instead we will get back to building a raid team to progress as far as we can, we want to be able to say each tier that we gave it 100% regardless of what we achieved, if we can do that then we can finish a tier happy just like in xpacs gone by.

Our mythic raid team will continue its focus of recruiting high attendance/loyal/patient members, players who make a raid team enjoyable for the majority, players who are willing to step in and help others out, the type of people that make you want to log on in the evening and spend 3 hours playing games with!

We want to target our social memberbase again just like we did successfully in MoP. We are aiming to establish a social raid team once again allowing a mixture of social members and raiders alike to have a chance to get together and enjoy the raiding content legion has to offer, along with other things too, achievements are never going away!

I personally have found the last 12 months the hardest and most stressful of the almost 8 years I have ran this guild and I would be lying if I hadnt questioned my place in the game anymore. The one thing that has kept me going as it has in the past is our guild and the members in it, they are the reason that made me want to log on every evening. I now intend to use the new content as a way of strengthening our guild and finding the love I had for the game before warlords of draenor. 

Legion gives us all a chance to reshape not just our guild but our own enjoyment in wow and I encourage everyone to take it!

See you in game soon!



Mythic Archimonde

Kesandrí Raid 1Officer posted Apr 29, 16

A massive effort from the team with more wipes than ever before on one encounter in the history of our guild. Persistance and dedication has been rewarded with Mythic completion this evening. 

Onwards to Legion for the next chapter in WITB's History.

The Roll call is as follows of those who attended the kill and those who contributed yet couldnt be there -

Anci, Astrex, Auyl, Bionic, Danapele, Depsi, Dewkr, Druvila, Graciously, Gunzerker, Honith, Insane, Kesandri, Neubia, Monkeyheart, Pixisham, Qwack, Rejuvenation, Sagira, Shadylane, Shandié, Tap, Tib, Vailet, Zhudar

Sypher You forgot to add Sypher to the list. Well done noobs.
Zonkar Fantastic! Very happy for you! Was rooting for you with all my heart
Zhudar Raid 1 Very nice! Good job all

Mythic Mannoroth

Kesandrí Raid 1Officer posted Mar 3, 16

Mannoroth finally dead after more wipes than we care to mention! 

The end of the tier is in sight just the minor detail that is archimonde stands in the way.

Sypher Well done
Shadylane Raid 1 they all blurred into 1 so doesn't that mean they just count as 1 Montage anyone ?

Mythic Shadow-Lord Iskar

Kesandrí Raid 1Officer posted Dec 13, 15